Deep Green was established in 2010 by Grandma Cat Jeter to help children in need of pure, potent, and always tested Full Plant Extract of Cannabis Oil at a time when it was difficult to find. While testing was not required for many years, Deep Green committed to testing every batch. Soon after a series of controlled dose capsules available in 10mg, 25mg, 50mg and 100mg strengths and three blends, THC, CBD, and 1:1 were developed to meet the needs of Washington’s changing medical cannabis market. The capsules helped consumers build cannabis confidence, fine tune personal cannabinoid dosing and/or determine the best personal use ratio. Highest quality products and superior product support are the historical heart of the Deep Green core values.


Deep Green is proud to be an industry leader in Full Extract of Cannabis Oil (FECO), setting standards and delivering a high quality, historically accurate extracts to the adult use market. Deep Green’s specific ratio oils provide a unique opportunity to develop a FECO dosing plan and ratio that is specifically tailored to personal needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable team guides both experienced and first time cannabis users to the right potency, ratio of cannabinoids and desired effect. Please use our contact page, give us a call, email or message on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions, if needed!


Deep Green production methods are rooted in the well established scientific methods of the Pre-Prohibition Apothecaries. Only two ingredients are used to manufacture Deep Green, alcohol and cannabis. When the Deep Green oil is complete, the alcohol has been removed from the final oil using a simple distillation process leaving only the complete goodness and potency of the quality cannabis plant.

We are proud produce FECO in the historical tradition however, we live in a modern and ever changing world. We will always provide original Deep Green and look forward to developing new products to satisfy the demand for highest quality cannabis for discriminating experienced and first time consumers.


Grandma Cat Jeter


Photo By Kristen Angelo

Grandma Cat Jeter, our founder at Deep Green Extracts, is living a rich and fulfilling life, full of diverse experiences. Born in England and raised during the Baby Boom, she is a mother, grandmother, business woman, Cold War Army Veteran, world traveler, electoral candidate, and lifelong activist. Her first protest was the first Earth Day, April 22, 1970 when she was a sophomore in high school and her activism – which never ceased – includes women’s and LGBTQ Rights, The Occupy Movement, environmental issues, and, of course, cannabis and health rights through the years.

G’ma Cat wore many hats as an activist in the early years of medical cannabis in Washington state. Working as a compassionate grower, extractor, business consultant, accountant, community organizer and strengthening her community ties following a move to Tacoma, she found a pressing need for children’s access to pure, potent, quality-assured full plant cannabis oil. G’ma Cat founded Deep Green Extracts, an exclusively full plant extraction company in 2010, to support her commitment to providing pure, potent, always tested, full plant cannabis extracts to children and the medical cannabis community, as well.

These days, you’ll find G’ma Cat and her companion, Lucy the Canna-dog, representing Deep Green locally and attending Cannabis events nationwide. She is regularly invited to give public addresses and is recognized by the cannabis community for her expertise and free sharing of that knowledge. She continues to advise the young and old about the healing benefits of cannabis and is always happy to chat. Say, “Hi!” and introduce yourself if you spot her at your event. Grandma Cat loves making new friends and sharing a quick hug.

Miguel Gonzales


Miguel Davies-Gonzales, Deep Green’s Chief Science Officer, is well known for keeping the team advised on leveraging existing and breaking science in the cannabis world. It is his responsibility to ensure that Deep Green continues to be the premium product for our customers’ best full plant experience. He has proven his expertise in real world applications of breeding, growing, extraction and business management through Washington’s medical cannabis years winning both respect and awards through the period.

Excellence and high regard are nothing new for our CSO though. As a child he excelled in Tae Kwon Do and Combat Hapkido, beginning at 7 and achieving a 1st degree black belt in both at 14. He so impressed his host family on a trip to Germany as a sophomore that they invited him to return in the future. He did exactly that moving to Germany after high school and staying for years as a student teacher for middle school ages and tutor for younger grades. Miguel’s interest in the culinary arts was also tickled in Europe and ultimately led him back to the USA for culinary school and then to the Pacific Northwest since 2012.

Miguel can often be found pampering his cats or setting up his next experiment in his spare time, and of course ensuring you are receiving the best of full plant extract of cannabis during his professional hours.

Joy Bonney


The year was 1984 and a Rock Star was born. Joy Bonney has been a native to the Pacific Northwest her entire life. She was raised in Portland during the early years of her childhood And moved to the Puget Sound area in her early teens. She is no stranger to large families though, she has 1 sister, 2 brothers, and over 100 cousins! As a young child she already knew two things, that someday she wanted to be on stage, and she loved filling out office paperwork. At the doctors office she would often ask for extra forms and clipboards so she could fill them out for fun.

Joy was 21 years old when she started booking music shows of all types of genres. At 24 she discovered the underground punk scene and she has remained actively involved since then! In her free time these days you can find her practicing as the bass player in her band Garbage Type Items, organizing Punx in the Woods: an annual free outdoor music festival with a focus on punk rock from the northwest, or you can find her booking shows at the famous Puget Sound punk venue; the Bomb Shelter.

At Deep Green, Joy is the glue that holds all of us together. She is a master when it comes to organization and developing systems that simplify complicated work flow. She is also the person who people speak to the first time they contact Deep Green. Over the years she has developed a repertoire as an expert at helping patients go through the experience of using full plant extract for the first time. Not only all of that, but as our acting Treasurer, she always makes sure the bills are paid, and that we stay within our budget.