Customer Testimonial: Tony

July 6, 2015 | Testimonials | 0 comments

“My name is Tony Axelson,  I am a 76 year old retired veteran and railroad engineer, and I use Deep Green.

I began using it to keep my blood sugar under control.  I was using Metformin, but I also have polycystic kidney disease, and the Metformin was destroying my renal health. I began eating Deep Green, mixed with coconut oil and added to peanut butter, each evening before bed, about four months ago.  Two and a half months ago, my doctor took me off Metformin, and my blood sugars are very well managed – always between 90 – 120.

In addition to eating it to maintain a healthy blood sugar, I also use it on my bald head – I used to have several painful, chronic, pre-cancerous patches the doctor would burn and scrape often – I was finally facing radiation, but started using Deep Green topically, again, once a day, before bedtime.  In less than two months, the cancerous skin is GONE, and my doctor is amazed and pleased on both counts.  She might not be willing to accept that cannabis did this for me, but here is no other explanation. I recommend it to any who will listen.

Thank you.”
Tony E. Axelson,
LTC, USA, (Ret)


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